Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our GROUP has taken several CSR initiatives for over a decade. The involvement is not only through financial support but also in form of personal and continuous involvement of our Management thereby ensuring the activities are benefited by their experience to ensure the reach of these initiatives to the society at large. Shri Chandrakant V. Gogri, Chairman Emeritus is driving the philanthropic work.

The CSR activities of our Company had primarily been focused on promoting education to the poorest of the poor, Empowering women, health care, affordable housing, support to those affected by natural calamities.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Some of ongoing activities which our Company continues to support are:
  • Tulsi Vidya Mandir at Kutch, Gujarat setup in the year 2005, imparts Secondary & Higher Secondary education to over 400 children coming from about 12 villages.
  • Mahavir School/College of Nursing at Sabar Kantha, Gujarat setup in the year 2008, spreading professional nursing education to around 150 candidates per year in the interior villages. Thus providing these people from interiors with an alternative option to earn their livelihood.
  • Maninagar Sanskar Dham, at Kutch in Gujarat, founded in the year 2011. It is a kindergarten for children of rag-pickers benefitting around 50 annually. These children are nurtured at the centre for a year and then assisted till obtaining admission to primary school.
  • Mahavir Health Centre at Alam Nagar, Bihar setup in the year 2010, providing better healthcare facilities in this part of Bihar. This Centre is equipped with latest equipments including its own OPD, X-Ray, and Pathology facilities treating on an average around 50 patients are treated at this Centre.
  • Ratanpar Boarding School: This being remote zone of Kutch needs special attention. Aarti Group in association with Sushil Trust has under taken this project where 156 Students are taken care of.
  • Uttarakhand Rehabilitation: our Company along with employees have contributed to the cause for rehabilitation of 15 villages are adopted in association with Mahajans affected during flash flood at Uttarakhand. The Rehabilitation work is in final phase and would be completed in FY 14-15.
  • Apart from the above, the Company continued to support programs such as organizing on a regular basis including Blood Donation Camps, Health checkup camps, etc. The Company has been donating to several Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Trusts, and contribution for green/open spaces. The Company also contributes for relief measures in times of natural calamities.
  • In parlance to the objective of providing basic primary and secondary education in the surrounding areas, our Company actively contributes for the upgradation & infrastructure development of the schools.
  • During the year, the sectoral reach had been broadened to include Military and vocational training, waste water recycling providing/contributing for education facilities in remote locations and for Nomads, employment opportunities, etc.with the focus on Eradication of hunger, poverty and Malnutrition.
  • Also, Contributed towards State & Central government funds during COVID-19 pandemic and created COVID-19 treatment facility in collaboration

CSR Policy